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About Us

Here are a few photos of my girls. I know they will grumble (especially my 10 year old) because I have two photos of Lillian, but she needs two because she is so new. I don’t know if they will buy that argument, but that is just the way it is.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. My husband did his best to make it nice for me. He changed many diapers and brought me breakfast in bed. The bed eventually turned into two little girls rolling around and almost smashing little Lillian, but I enjoyed the chaos.

I love my girls so much! I would give my life for them. I just wish they could understand that as little girls and not be so quick to argue or sass, eat what I cooked for dinner and sleep while I get a little “me” time.

Katelyn Mae
Katelyn Mae
Emily Lou

Emily Lou

Lillian Dale

Lillian Dale

Lillian Dale

Lillian Dale


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