My Crummy Thyroid!

Well, I am guessing my lack of interest in just about anything and my irritability and fatigue (not to mention weight gain) are to be blamed on my thyroid.  I am sure many are out there rolling your eyes and wondering how I can be such a whiner about this, but I frequently go through these bouts due to an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  This disease has plagued me for close to 15 years.  When properly medicated, I can function normally with only general fatigue brought on by stress, lack of sleep or illness.  When my body fluctuates in its response to my thyroid, then I slowly start drifting into a black hole.   Because this is a gradual drift, I usually don’t realize the culprit (my thyroid) until I have a blood test or become so tired I hardly have the energy to get out of bed or shower.  In the beginning I tend to blame it on staying up too late, not eating well, illness or monthly hormone fluctuation. 

So, here I am, my arms aching while I type and around me are unwashed dishes and unfolded laundry.  In bed are my three beautiful children whom I have been irritable with all week.  Their usually easy-going mom now gets frustrated over just about everything and every minor request from them sounds too huge to accomplish in my mind.  I am exhausted — mentally and physically.  Luckily I have an appointment next week.  Let’s hope I can make it until then.  Three americanos and a Coke daily aren’t doing the trick.  I could lay down right now and fall asleep.  My only goal tonight is to get the kitchen cleaned and maybe some laundry folded.  That sounds way too ambitious as it is already 9 p.m.   Wish me luck!