Back from Thailand

Well, I survived my trip to Thailand and better yet, traveling with a 16 month old.   My first impression of Thailand was not favorable.  It looked very poor, run down and depressing.  After freshening up, we left immediately to meet our relocation assistant to find a home in the community surrounding the International School of Bangkok.  My spirits were not lifted at all and I asked my husband if the move was definite and if we could still back out.  He replied that it was definite and we could not back out.  My heart sank.  How could I bring my three children here?

The next morning I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the hotel and a nice cup of espresso.  I went back out that day with a new attitude — if this would be my life for the next three to four years, I had better be in charge of it.  I had better find a house that my children would call home. 

As the week progressed I realized it wasn’t the landscape or the architecture of Thailand that would win a small piece of my heart, but the very friendly Thai people.  They absolutely loved my little Lilly.  Wherever we went they would reach out and touch her, stroke her curls, look into her blue eyes and tell me repeatedly that she looked just like a doll.  Lilly soaked up all the attention and smiled at everyone.  Normally I would not want people to touch my child for fear of germs, but the Thai people were so loving and sweet to deny them would have been beyond rude on my part.

Well, by weeks end, we found a home with a nice garden and a beautiful pool across the street.  Many neighbors had children’s bicycles in their driveways.  Hopefully I will easily find friends for my children and everyone will assimilate well into our new lifestyle.

We are back  home now and organizing for our big move.  Stress is high and I am fighting a stomach bug I picked up in Thailand.  I can’t believe that by August 1 we will be living in Thailand.  I get sad and depressed about leaving my life here behind.  I hope and pray we will all transition smoothly into our new lives in Thailand.


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