Thailand, Here I Come

I can’t believe the time has arrived for my husband, baby and I to travel to Thailand to find a home.  I am having a horrible time leaving my two older girls.  I know they will be fine with my Mom watching them, I am just afraid something will happen to me and I will never see them again.  I know these are normal fears all mothers feel, but it doesn’t make them any easier to tolerate. 

If all goes well, we will all be moving there at the end of July.  I have such mixed feelings regarding the entire move.  Yes, it will be an adventure, yes, it will be a wonderful experience for the children.   But, a lot can be said for stability, safety and familiar surroundings.  All of which I find comfort in.    I will write more on all this later this week if time permits . . .


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  1. Hope all is going ok and you’re having a safe trip!

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