All is quiet.

Well, the kids and my husband are all in bed.  Why am I still up?  I know I will pay for it tomorrow after the baby has awakened me three times and I am up to get Katey ready for school at 6:15.  I still have a kitchen to clean and dinner to eat.  I made muffins for the weeks ahead which made a small mess.  Dinner is either a bowl of cereal, left-over pizza or mac and cheese left over from the kids’ dinner.  Of course I haven’t counted the three mini-muffins I ate as part of my dinner. 

I can’t believe we are down to just a few weeks before school is out.  It will be nice having a few lazy days in our pajamas with not much to do but play.  I do crave the structure of a school day at times too.  I always go into the summer with a plan — library one day, park another and so on.  I never turns out to be quite that structured, but I will start the summer with that intent once again.  

Best wishes to all the moms out there who are looking toward summer vacation with a mix of excitement and fear.


2 Responses

  1. Aaah, the number of evenings I’ve passed just like this! Everyone down, peace and quiet…main consideration is whether or not I can stir up enough energy to actually get that kitchen clean before I hit the sack myself. Good start to your blog, Brenda. I look forward to seeing more.


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